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The first company of the Flowers of the Lan Lan (HOA LAN., CO) send an thank to footed to the customer, row of the commodity, and they are same as the same time.

HOA LAN., CO was established on October 17, 2003. Over the past 15 years of establishment and development, our mission is to provide consumers with high quality, safe and friendly Vietnamese products. environment such as:

Activated carbon soap
- Shampoos, herbal shower gel
- Laundry water, water detergent, bactericides extracted from nature
- Products from hibiscus flowers and green tea.

With the motto "product for green life", the company has made continuous effort to research and develop the most quality products, improve the material, improve the professionalism of staff, construction Trust with customers with each product that we provide.

History of formation and development

Mission Vision


As a wife, mother, grandmother, and a scientist, Nguyen Thi Dong realized that cosmetic products in the market often contain chemicals. Long-term use of these products is not conducive to the health of the family members. Since then, she has created all kinds of cosmetics and household detergents from completely natural medicinal herbs such as turmeric, vanilla, yellow comb, betel grass, royal herbs ...

Since then, Orchard Joint Stock Company (Madam Dong International Trading Company) was officially established on October 17, 2003, with the ultimate purpose of protecting the health of the whole family. Thanks to the products are completely natural and have the ability to heal. Bring consumers safe products that are environmentally friendly. To date, millions of Vietnamese and international families are using Orchids products.


Orchid jsc always thought that business ethics create customer confidence, which is the key to open the door to success and sustainable development for businesses. Therefore, we are constantly striving to research and develop the highest quality, safest products. Give customers satisfaction and trust in snow for products and services.


- GOLD PRIZE by KIWIE 2014 – Korean International Women Invention Expo
- Excellent Brand 2013
- ISO 9000:2008 & ISO 14001:2004/Cor1:2009

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